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WordPress.org reportedly saved 1 terabyte of bandwidth costs for partial downloads of 3.2

A great feature introduced in WordPress v3.2 was the functionality which allows you to click one button and update your version of WordPress. Now this is not exactly a new idea, they have that in iOS 5. It means whenever new updates were applied to the operating system, the changes only included those differential in… continue reading ahead »

Do you know… there is a url-shortner already built in WordPress?

Do you know… there is a url-shortner already built in WordPress?

Sometime in August 2009, in an official WordPress blog post it was announced that WordPress implemented a built-in URL-shortner for links. It started here in the WordPress core around 3 years ago. Essentially, ‘shortners’ are open proxies of HTTP. But then, you’ll need to know how and where to find that! (I’ll get more in-depth info on this in… continue reading ahead »

In 2011 more than one million sites were cracked which were built upon WordPress

In 2011 more than one million sites were cracked which were built upon WordPress

Being an open source platform, WordPress has proved time and again that it is hugely popular in the blogosphere and by being truly universal, it has attracted a horde of crackers and hackers to be its easy target. Because everybody has access to its source code for which allowing it to be experimented with various… continue reading ahead »

WordPress Multi-site was merged in WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious”

Before WordPress 2.9 you had to install multiple concurrent copies in different directories using separate database tables. But when WordPress MU merged with WordPress as a part of the 3.0 release, this practice was eliminated completely. The major release of WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious” saw half a year of work by 218 contributors solving more than… continue reading ahead »

WordPress commands the throne among top 100k internet sites

WordPress commands the throne among top 100k internet sites

Popularity of WordPress has climbed so high that it is primarily used from the very famous highly trafficked sites to small home grown family of bloggers. To get a visual idea of why almost each and everyone opts for WordPress (as it is an easy blogging and fast CMS solution), HackerTarget.com in August 2011 has… continue reading ahead »

WordPress text widget supports massive range of HTML tags but not some

WordPress text widget somehow is a very underrated widget. However, it still is one of the most universal widgets in use inside the sidebar. The text widget basically adds a HTML container to the WordPress theme’s sidebar. If your theme is totally widgetized, the text widget is so universal that it can be added to… continue reading ahead »

WordPress.org repository will not show plugins and themes older than 2 years

Sometime during his keynote at WordCamp, Matt Mullenweg announced that those plugins and themes which are 2 years old (or more) will be hidden from search results on WordPress.org repository and WordPress dashboards. This was intended so that users can get results of only those plugins which will help them most if they are using… continue reading ahead »

there are more than 2780 shortcodes in the WordPress plugin directory

Way back in late August 2011, Mark Jaquith (core WordPress developer) scanned WordPress plugins directory and found about 2780 shortcodes in there. From ’12s’ to ‘WOW’ and funny ones like ‘WuPhooey’ to ‘zazzle’. You must note that these shortcodes were ‘in use’. That’s a non-exhaustive list because some of them are specified with variables. Plugin… continue reading ahead »

you can further secure wp-content and plugin directories by actually moving their default locations

Although, we know that under ‘wp-content’ folder all directories and custom files are assembled for us to play with, this directory holds everything you can customize about your blog like the plugins directory, themes directory and of course the uploads directory. By default, they can be easily accessible by ‘intruders-with-malicious-intent’. We can move their physical… continue reading ahead »

a built-in WordPress antispambot function can prevent email spam

Do you want to encrypt emails in WordPress in pages or posts? You can get your hands a bit dirty by pasting a simple line of code like this <?php antispambot(’preventmy@email.com’) ?> Now replace “preventmy@email.com” with your own email and put it anywhere you want in your active theme. I repeat ‘active theme’ (and NOT… continue reading ahead »

what lurks inside of a WordPress theme

what lurks inside of a WordPress theme

First seen during early January 2011, this wordpress theme infographic is neatly explained at ever so reliable SEO specialist Mr.Yoast.com! and was also created in collaboration with the artists of CreditLoan.com You can also use this as a cheatsheet, being quite handy for newbies who want to dig deeper into a wordpress theme. Check out… continue reading ahead »

the default WordPress logotype is set in Mrs. Eaves

It was a 2009 new year’s resolution by Matt mentioning everyone to use the real logo. Named after John Baskerville’s wife, Sarah Eaves, Mrs. Eaves (licensed by Emigre) is a revival type inspired by modern day Baskerville typefaces. Zuzana Licko in 1996 designed Mrs. Eaves and was chosen as the official logotype for WordPress. This… continue reading ahead »